Thursday, June 25, 2009


We just came home from a girls camp meeting which both Lance and myself had to attend. Since Jason is up at scout camp, we took the other four with us and they played happily in the gym. I guess some other children showed up and were not playing very nicely. Lauren, on our way home, was telling me some of the things some little girls were doing. Then she said, "They must be from Nineveh!" And then the girls started talking about the fish slapping- (you have to be a Veggie Tales fan to understand). I had to laugh out loud.


Trek was absolutely amazing. I can say that so easily now that I am home, fully rested with my nice, soft, bed. We spent 3 days in the mountains while the youth of our stake pushed handcarts up and down hills and learned more about the lives of those pioneers who sacrificed so much. I was so impressed with their ability to be physically exhausted but gave so few complaints. The leaders put on an amazing journey and my only regret is that all of our youth did not go. The scenery was beautiful. As, I was driving home and hit traffic, a little feeling of dread came over me, reminding me of all the things we face here in our day. It was so pleasant to be away completely from the media and so many bad influences that we face. I did miss my bed and the shower.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Field Day

Yea! School is out! NO one is as thrilled as I am! Before we completed the year, we had a fun field day that the children enjoyed. As much as a nice quiet summer reading books was in my plans, Heavenly Father saw fit to add a little more- I have been called as Young Women's President and my life has accelerated in the past 2 weeks rather than calm down. I am absolutely excited to work with the Young Women but I have loads to learn! A lot happened to write about in the past two weeks but I don't remember any of them right now. Here are some pictures of the children at our school's field day that they really enjoyed.